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SAF Procurement


The State Accident Fund (SAF) is a state agency subject to all South Carolina procurement laws governing public entities and must adhere to these laws when performing the business of SAF.  SAF employees handling procurement activities for the agency are responsible for the implementation of the requirements of the S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code when procuring goods and services for the agency.

Code of Ethics

All SAF employees are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards when conducting business on behalf of SAF and the State of South Carolina.

SAF’s procurement department will:

     - Engage in fair, ethical, and legal business practices that promote the agency’s mission;

     - Grant all competitive offers equal consideration to the extent of State regulation;

     - Abide by the South Carolina Code of Laws and Code of Regulations governing procurement;

     - Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of mutual respect;

     - Strive to obtain the maximum value for every public dollar spent;

     - Decline personal gifts and/or gratuities.


The State Accident Fund’s purchase limit is $50,000.00, the minimum amount granted under §11-35-1210.  Any purchase exceeding $50,000.00 will be sent to the Division of Procurement Services for further processing and approval.