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Safety Services

The Safety and Loss Prevention Department of the State Accident Fund is dedicated to assisting our policyholders in areas of safety and health. We offer services that, when teamed with an effective safety program, can help reduce your accident and/or injury rates, possibly saving you money on workers' compensation premiums. In most instances, our experienced Safety and Loss Prevention Specialists can perform the services at your location at no cost to you.

How can we help lower your accident rate? We specialize in "mock" OSHA Inspections to help identify hazardous conditions or regulatory violations in your workplace and offer corrective advice. This service is completely confidential and is performed as a consultation. Unless you choose otherwise, a report of the findings will be sent directly to you or your designee. OSHA citations can carry heavy fees and penalties; therefore, employers must be prepared should an OSHA Compliance Officer visit your location. The "mock" inspections, including ergonomic and computer workstations, can assist you in preparation for an OSHA inspection.

We also perform on-site employee training covering a variety of OSHA required subjects and other safety-related matters. Sessions are conducted to fit your time schedule and are usually presented on PowerPoint. Examples of training include: Accident Investigation, Back Injury Prevention, Bloodborne Pathogens, General Safety Awareness, Hazard Communication, OSHA Recordkeeping, Safety Committee, Slips, Trips, and Falls, and The Safety Attitude.

Please feel free to visit our website and/or contact us at regarding our services.


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